Sunday, 23 August 2009

Gosh - it's rather dusty in here!! I didn't realise it was quite so long since my last post here. I get so caught up in my knitting groups, posting at my Potter blog and in Ravelry that I forget this one. Which will not do as it is referenced in the bio section of The Joy of Sox, the Lark Books publication featuring a design by Yours Truly (they've called the design 'Snow Bunny'!).

Well, what have I been doing since February? Knitting and spinning of course! One wonderful experience was learning how to spin superfine lace yarn with Anne Baron from Bradford Guild. I can now spin yarn as fine as hair!!

Another highlight was UK Ravelry Day in Coventry in June. This was a marvellous day at which I attended inspiring talks by Meg Swansen and Debbie Bliss, as well as meeting lots of wonderful Ravellers, including the famous designer Jared Flood, aka Brooklyn Tweed:

I designed some full-length British-themed gloves for the fashion show at Ravelry Day. Jade silk with a red rose for England, red wool with a daffodil for Wales, and white wool with a thistle for Scotland (alas - I have no pics of these last ones to show you).

I plan to publish the pattern, either via Yarn Forward magazine (negotiations ongoing) or via Ravelry and my new website (which I will link in the sidebar here at some point!)

Of course I have lots of other knitting on the needles, much of it self-designed, especially as I am still putting together a book proposal. I've also taken on knitting a shawl for Mum who had knitted it rather badly and wants a better version to wear. Very sadly I think she is beginning to lose skills as she ages. I frogged it earlier today and am now off to wash the yarn prior to reknitting it.