Saturday, 13 October 2007

Confessions of a sheepaholic

Rather disappointing visit to the rare breeds sale at York today - no crafty stalls, and no fleece sale, and no labels saying what each animal was. I'm still waiting for the BWMB to publish a new book about the different sheep breeds. Is it supercilious of me to want to be able to recognise the breed of any sheep I see? I love touring rural areas sheep-spotting. Perhaps like birdspotters I should record sightings?

Yesterday I followed a link from
Carol Leonard's blog to a dating persona website. I hasten to assure readers that I only did this for fun. And lots of fun it was too. I did the test and found that I am 'Lion Warning Cat'. I still laugh every time I think of the picture:

Now, I have promised pictures of projects, so tonight, eagerly assited by Tom, who loves messing with the digital camera (many pictures of thumbs, coving, steps, doors etcetera have been deleted from occasions when he has secretly gone on the rampage with it), I took the following pics:

This is the school sock I knitted this week for the aforementioned son number two. I am already three inches into its mate. Boringly functional I know. And he loves it. This sock (and others to follow it) will I hope solve the foot odour problem that I am sure he only has when he wears commercial school socks with all their artificial fibre. By comparison this is knit in 100% wool (King Cole Merino blend bought from Texere yarns during Thursday's visit to the warehouse in Bradford - I cried with the emotion of walking among the vast quantities of yarns there - I rely on other yarn addicts to understand such weakness).

This is the 'vesty thing' I mentioned in my first blog, helpfully unrolled to view by Tom. I am knitting a few rounds each day.

And finally, Tom insisted on photos of the toybox I painted for him and Toby a couple of years ago. It used to be my WM's school tuck box (he went to a very exclusive boarding school and hated it, whereas I went to a very ordinary state comprehensive and loved it, more evidence that true riches cannot be bought).


kanga said...

I enjoyed reading your blog and I quite understand that you would need to know what breed of sheep you are looking at. Have you tried the Rare Breed Show & Sale at Melton Mowbray in September? The sheep are labelled there, and it is a very big affair. My special interest is Norfolk Horn sheep (ancestor of the Suffolk) and should you wish to know more, my daughter & I have a website devoted to our flock

m said...

Somewhere around the house I have a(duplicate)sheep breed book from some years ago.
Would you like to have it?

Conni Tögel said...

old post, I know - but I just had to comment: if you want to see where other sheep are, you can go to my sheep sightings map and enter your findings (it uses google maps) - we just added that to my site a few weeks ago, so there aren't very many there - mine are though.

Love that trunk - did you paint that yourself?