Friday, 2 October 2009

Centered Double Increase

I designed this blanket square intending to enter it for The Knitter magazine's competition in aid of MacMillan cancer support. Unfortuantely I was so busy preparing for a coffee morning I hosted for the same cause that I didn't finish the square and pattern before the competition deadline. So, I have instead posted the pattern in Ravelry for all to access as they please.

The square uses an increase method that I devised earlier this summer for some armwarmers I'm knitting (I'll post about these sometime soon). As the increase is so unusual (possibly unique) my sister has helped me to produce this video tutorial for the increase to accompany the pattern. She did the knitting (as I'm a mirror knitter a video of me doing it would be very confusing for most) while I did the voice-over.

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Beckmann said...

Ann, this is brilliant- And gives a lovely pattern as well. Hope all is well with You and Your family!