Thursday, 6 December 2007

Cozy and warm

Actually, I'm rather cold as there's not yet a radiator on the top landing where our computer is situated (one of the many projects on Dave's list). However my MP3 player should be very cozy and warm wearing this, knitted today using the Wensleydale I dyed recently:

Sorry for the pooor picture quality. The camera is playing up, and I've given up in disgust after many attempts to get a decent image. The cozy is my own pattern, my second go at one. My first is going in the Secret Santa at the Bradford spinner's guild (along with a few other bits that I definitely will keep secret!).

Apologies to anyone who's been waiting (like my sister) for me to update my blog. Having left Christmas preparations until a time that felt appropriate (i.e. not too early) I am now (of course) frantically working to get organised for the season. Our tree is up ( darling sister and children stayed last night to help decorate it), and I have splashed out on some LED lights for the windows. The marathon jam-making session still faces me though. I am finding it difficult to get on with large projects like that because of all the work going on around me with the halls, stairs, and landings being decorated. Lovers of tradition will like to hear that we have bought lincrusta panels for the main hall ('Edwardian Dado'). I have to ply our decorator with regular top-ups of tea (far more regularly than I drink it, and I thought I was a tea-lover).

The yarn I ordered from Nancy's KnitKnacks three weeks ago finally arrived today requiring hefty customs and Royal Mail handling charges paying - I will be more careful in future. Anyway, I think its too late for me to hope to finish scarves for both Annie and Aidan before Christmas, so may settle for just the hats for now, and knit up hats for Tom and Toby too (the hats knit up relatively quickly) . And I'm still struggling against the temptation to cast on my Admiral fairisle socks!

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